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Piot Foundation can help you with your Pre Departure preparation.

Are you thinking about work abroad, but have some questions about this proccess?

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How we can help you

Understand Cost

We can help you migrant worker and your family, to understand about Cost of living abroad. We can send you a table with examples of living costs in Uk and talk about this with you.

Package negotiation

We can help you giving correct guidelines about package negotiation. Unfortunately, many migrant workers inexperienced in expatriation are unable to negotiate a fair relocation package, without knowing their real needs in the country and being unable to incorporate this into their binding agreement before departure to the host countries.

Set up Expectation

Help to set up the expectations about this period abroad. According to our expertise, unrealistic expectations is a reality for many migrant workers.

Public Benefits

To understand the public benefits you have right is a important step. Many migrant workers arrive without understand their rights and it can be a seriously problem.


We can talk about challenges for adaptation at this period abroad.

To understand your challenges before to travel is a good and important step to avoid mistakes, stress and depression.