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To live and work abroad is big decision.

Piot Foundation has a mentor program with special details about the period abroad.

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How we can help you

Adaptation support

We can help with the challenges associated with adaptation in the host country. New language, new culture can be hard when you are alone, but can be easy when you have someone to help.


Help to understand the public benefits you have right and help with easy instructions about how to access it.


You or your accompanied spouse, our your family are living a problem and need a legal support? We can help you. We need to understand your situation and assist you with the better solution.


Do you need an RH support from your company but is having a problem to obtain that? Just talk with us. We can help you.

Emotional support

We can help you with Mental and Emotional support. Whoever your situation, we are here to help you at this moment. You don’t need to suffer. We are here to guarantee your human rights.

Financial Advice

Financial pressure can be is a serious problem for you and your family, including for your emotional health.

We can support you through a personal recommendation about your situation and help you to find the better solution.

Accompanied Spouse

We have a special support for the accompanied spouse. We know that living abroad is a hard transform in your life and sometimes you are alone in a new country.

We know that helping you, we’ll be helping your whole family.

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