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The first point is to understand that you, migrant work, accompanied Spouse and your family, have guarantee of yours human rights, even living abroad.

Piot Foundation is here to help you.


To work a broad can be a dream and more and more people are looking for that in the belief of a better quality of life.

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Sometimes, the pressures of relocating abroad are simply ignored, through the excitement and the stresses of the new move.

Unfortunately, sometimes this dream can became a serious problem to individual and the family.

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Migrant Profile

migrant worker man profile

84% are man

71% are married

migrant worker profile marriage
migrant worker profile children

47% relocated with children

Mental health disorders

50% migrant workers are at higher risk of mental health disorders as opposed to less than 1/3 of the non‐ expats/migrant population.

Depression / suicide

25% of highly skilled migrants workers go through severe chronic/suicidal depression because of pressure, isolation, relocation, high demand for adjustment and adaptation


The divorce rate among this group is twice higher than the national average.

80% of international assignment failures

Workers Challenges

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