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Piot Foundation has a special care for accompanied Spouse and children.

We known that sometimes you can suffer a big stress, and we’d like to say
we are here to help you.

spouse human rights with a spouse and baby

Spouses challenges

According our research, Accompanied Spouses has many challenges at this period:

migrant spouse financial stress

Financial stress

Occurs for many reasons but one is the loss of spouse income.
This cause loss of buying power, a decrease in the standard of living and increases marital stress and risk of poverty

Identity problems

Abandoning/interrupting spouse’s career leads to loss of power, identity and self-worth.
Spouses struggle to adapt from professional working citizen to ‘housewife’.

migrant spouse different culture challenge

Culture differences

Differences in culture, societal norms, can exacerbate behaviours which increase marital tension.
Language gap is one big challenge.

migrant spouse challenge divorce

Power dynamics shift in the relationship

Spouse is in a new environment, jobless has few contacts and has become reliant on the working partner.
Loneliness and isolation are also a consequence.

migrant spouse family challenges

Family challenges

Stress between parents affects children
Children can be a source of stress for parents
Lack of support for children – up to parents to support them, but they are busy with other aspects of relocation.

migrant spouse support challenge

Lack of support

Spouses report a lack of understanding about the deeper adjustment issues/challenges involved with moving perception. People think the accompanied spouse is ‘on holiday’.

Are you a Accompanied Spouse
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Personal Info

Donation Total: £20.00