We are here to help and educate Migrant Worker, Accompanied Spouse and the family on their Human Rights providing a confidential support, informal or legal advice, depending on the case.

Our expertise is to help the migrant workers in the overall process of working abroad.

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Migrant Workers Program

PIOT FOUNDATION has a Mentor Program to assist the Migrant Workers, Accompanied Spouses, and the family, according to the phase they are living.

Mentor Program for Migrant Workers

Migrant Accompanied Spouse Challenges

Accompanied Spouse and children

Piot Foundation has a special care for Accompanied Spouse and children.

Our Mission

Migrant Workers in London Tower Bridge

Piot Foundation mission is to promote Human Rights for migrant workers, accompanied spouses and their family members, overall the migration process – pre-departure, period abroad and repatriation – through a personal and confidential support, whether informal or legal.

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