PIOT¬†Foundation’s work will concentrate on 5 Keys:

  • Research
  • Human Right Awareness
  • Development Programmes through guidance and coaching, helping to achieve their goals set for their expatriation
  • Emotional Practical Support
  • Integration and Preservation of Family Relations

PIOT Foundation provides technical advice to the government and other bodies on human rights matters in the field of the International Migration. Our work is executed through the commissioning, publication and promotion of research about international Migration, carried out by our employees and volunteers, in the UK and Abroad.

We are here to speak about Human Rights in communities in the UK and Abroad, in order to reduce discrimination on the grounds of race,gender,disability, sexual orientation or religion, through information, education, and advice, intervention, thereby encouraging community cohesion, family integration and stability.

We aim to educate Accompanied Spouses, Migrant Workers and their families about their Human Rights through the provision of informal or legal advice services, training and the creation of a telephone advice line and online database.



To promote Human Rights for Accompanied Spouses, Migrant workers, their partners and families, throughout the United Kingdom and Abroad.

The advancement of health or the saving of lives
To promote the preservation of mental health and assist in relieving persons who are suffering from mental disorders or conditions of emotional or mental distress related to the process of migration or acculturation, through the provision of call and helpline centres, signposting, advice, coaching or counselling services where suitable services are not readily accessible, for migrant workers, their families, trailing spouse and their partners.

The prevention or relief of poverty for the public benefit.
To prevent and relieve poverty resulting from an unsuccessful international assignment in the UK or abroad, through the provision of signposting service and advice, to include matters of money management, debt counselling, employment, housing and legal rights, for Accompanied Spouses, Migrant workers and their families, before, during and after their international assignments