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The Founder of the organization sacrificed her high skills, career and her whole life for the sake of the well-being of her family, as the wife of a highly skilled migrant and expatriate worker. She began her expatriate journey in 1988 just after her marriage to her husband. In the same year, her husband was transferred by his then company to work in another country. In light of their new life abroad, her husband asked her to be a stay-at-home mother in order to raise their children. This change in status consequently increased her financial dependency on him. Over a time span of 17 years, they travelled together to multiple countries on international work assignments. She arrived in the United Kingdom from France in 1997 having followed her husband, who had been transferred to London by his company.

In her 25 years experience as the spouse of an expat assignee, she experienced and overcame different forms of challenges and struggles and met people from a very similar background to hers.

She was eventually deserted by her husband of almost 30 years, who had been relocated at that point to yet another destination country on an international work assignment. His abandonment of his family was sudden, unforeseen and completely unexpected. He left her with a pile of debts to pay, including the mortgage repayments of the three properties they jointly owned being fully aware that she had no relatives in the foreign land and could not get employment due to her age and giving up on her career for so long. Needless to say, she was left homeless, emotionally scarred and in severe financial hardship. She had to restart her life all over again.

Just like the phoenix had to go through long suffering before its rebirth, our founder had to endure and overcome great difficulties and challenges in order to have her rights and entitlements recognised and upheld as the spouse of a highly skilled expatriate.

In her quest to find practical solutions to her problems, she found that there was no single platform offered to expats, highly skilled migrants or their families where they could  get specific information about how to assert their rights and entitlements whilst at the same time receive emotional practical support to cope with the adverse implications of international mobility and talk freely about her problems in in a non-judgemental environment.

She therefore decided to set up this not-for-profit organisation aimed at supporting the expat and highly skilled migrant community in living and working in a new environment, in being aware of the potential difficulties and issues that may arise in a new country which can affect their home and family life, employment and settlement prospects.


Her main motivation for setting-up this organisation was the realisation that as employers are recruiting from a more and more younger pool of talents, aspiring expatriates and highly skilled migrant workers are often unaware of the many issues and challenges they will face once their relocation is effected, and especially once they marry or meet their significant other or decide to return to their home countries.

It is fundamental that this new generation of expatriates and migrants is well equipped with practical tools so that they can be better prepared to embark on their life-changing journey and make sure that the end of their work assignment does not also translate into the end of their marriages or relationships.


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